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Succeeding in a dramatically changing industry

Intentia is one of the world’s leading suppliers of collaboration solutions. The Intentia Solution consists of applications covering:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Management (EM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Business Performance Measurement (BPM)
  • e-Business and Value Chain Collaboration (VCC)


Anderson Baillie’s services were introduced to Intentia and invited to manage their marketing requirements for 2002, starting with the first FOODFACTS Forum which was held in the UK during May.

Traceability, Collaboration and Food Safety

Intentia - succeeding in a dramatically changing industry

The purpose of the Forum, which is now running on an annual basis throughout Intentia’s North West Europe business region, was to provide a response to the food industry’s discussions, centred around the key issues of Traceability, Collaboration and Food Safety.

Professional project management team

Drawing on such a wide and varied market as the European food and beverage industry, the requirement came for a professional project management team. Anderson Baillie Projects were assigned the task of delivering and managing all the requirements for the Forum, including liaison with Intentia’s business and media partners.

Prior to the Forum launch, an online KPI survey was commissioned to measure a mongst the 500 selected organisations best practice standards across marketing and commercial yardsticks. The content gathered was analysed and used both as subject matter to help shape the Forum programme and drive the marketing propositions.

Important benchmark survey

This important benchmark survey was carried out as part of an ongoing series of FOODFACTS 2002 initiatives to the UK and Irish food and beverage industry. The Forum itself then provided the platform to bring together distinguished industry leaders, experts and innovative solution providers from the European food and beverage industry.


Anderson Baillie were required to develop and execute a fully integrated marketing communications campaign to promote the Forum to influential senior management level individuals within the food and beverage industry. A unique campaign brand was created for FOODFACTS Forum 2002 allowing a strong identity to be represented on all forms of campaign collateral from the direct mail pieces and campaign microsite to the Forum signage.

Boosting final registration figures

The campaign was launched using a series of direct mail pieces to generate awareness and provide the initial information on speakers and content for the Forum. A campaign microsite also helped communicate the Forum agenda details and enabled online registrations. In the run-up period prior to the event, telemarketing was used to boost final registration figures and act as a pre-event reminder for registered delegates.

The measured success of the Forum depended on Anderson Baillie recognising and satisfying the Forum objectives, by producing a professionally managed and executed event.

In total, 45 delegates attended the Forum, achieving 90% of the target attendance. Of the delegates who attended, 77% were senior management or director level and 37 individual companies were represented from a variety of industry sub-sectors.

Some of the comments from delegates who attendedthe event were as follows;

"An informative day that covered a wide range of topics,using excellent speakers".

"The Forum provided a very good insight into current regulations impacting on the food industry and how future requirements will affect it".

On the success of the event, Suzanne Airey, Campaign Manager for Intentia said;

"Given the current depressed market for IT spending, we were delighted to achieve 90% of our target attendance level. The strength of Anderson Baillie’s project management skills ensured that the audience on the day were impressed with Intentia’s ability to develop and execute a well thoughtout, enjoyable conference. In addition, it has provided us with a campaign brand which we can build on for the future".

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