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Anderson Baillie Events specialises in applying a unique strategically driven events methodology that interprets your goals and brand and generates a positive interactive experience from your target audience.

Focussed around generating the right engagement with the customer, our methodology determines a controlled approach through tailored strategies that fit in with your objectives, the management of all resources, demand generation and the management of post event relations.

The result is the creation of an engaging environment rather than just an event for events sake.

The Event Goals

Regardless of the type of event or if the service required is a one off solution or implementations of a long-term strategic programme, our methodology meets your business needs and ensures not only that they are completed effectively and profitably, but also that the customer’s experience generates an interactive engagement.

In the run up to the event, you will inevitably be caught up in the logistics and management, which can at times seem like an insurmountable task. In this situation it’s very easy to lose sight of your original objectives that led to deciding to host the event in the first place.

Whether the decision to host the event is centred around Value Exchange – exposure of the holistic brand and awareness of its associated principles; Proposition Positioning – the generation of a practical engagement with the customer; or Knowledge Transfer – the education process; Anderson Baillie Events methodology ensures that your goals form an integral part of the event process and experience.

Case Studies
Intentia Case Study - Succeeding in a dramatically changing industry - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie was invited by Intentia to manage their marketing requirements for 2002, starting with the first FOODFACTS Forum which was held in the UK during May.
SSA Case Study - Computers in Manufacturing Exhibition Campaign - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie picked up the challenge from SAP, to scope, plan and deliver a complete integrated marketing campaign including exhibition stand design and build, pr, advertising, direct mail and poster design and production inside the space of five weeks.