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Anderson Baillie Customer Charter ensures that our business complies with a professional code of conduct, which ensures that we have your business interests at heart and to perform not only according to best practice, but also with a commitment to company and your brand.

This charter is based upon a series of goals and targets measured by auditing each of our account teams from director to executive to determine the service levels and professional standards that are administered in day-to-day customer contact. Not restricting our internal assessments to those in the account team, we also ask you about the relationship, from people through to performance of project and task, creativity and ability to think “out of the box”.

Our charter covers important areas such as:

  • Business Planning future strategy visibility
  • Direction & communication
  • Continuing business improvement & client satisfaction
  • Campaign management
  • Sign off & project progression
  • New client procedures service level agreements
  • Development of professional staff

Valued feedback

Anderson Baillie will record client satisfaction after every large project that is delivered to gain some feedback across competencies such as creativity, delivery against agreed objectives, communication and budget management.

Surveys are performed through our Customer Charter website:

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Learn how to create a high-impact, customer focused sales team that meets and exceeds your business performance goals.
Case Studies
First Software Case Study - Virtual Town Hall - Click here to read this case study
As commercial and legislative pressure are forcing local authorities to consider how best to present their information and services, First Software, Oracle and Sun Microsystems formed a partnership to present a conference about taking Local Government.
SAP Case Study - Retail Solutions Exhibition 2000 - Click here to read this case study
The Anderson Baillie Projects team managed these events for the third consecutive year for SAP and its Retail partners attending Retail Solutions.